Clarissa Explains it All on DVD

Nickelodeon is going – as they say – old school, with releases of its older titles Clarissa Explains it All and The Adventures of Pete and Pete on DVD.

The Clarissa Explains It All – Season 1 DVD box set features all 13 episodes from season one, along with a clip from “MTV Cribs” featuring a look inside Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘crib’ and a Nick Time Capsule, which features a series of nostalgic Nickelodeon promos from the time when Clarissa Explains It All was on-air.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Season 1 includes all 8 episodes from the first season, along with four bonus Pete & Pete specials, two original Pete & Pete shorts, the Polaris Music Station featuring the show’s popular theme song, Hey Sandy, and three exclusive audio commentaries from show co-creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi and director Katherine Dieckmann.

Both sets are just around the corner for a May 17th release.

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