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New details are in on the latest Adult Swim DVDs due this summer. Harvey Birdman Vol. 1 and Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast Vol. 3 are both coming filled with extras.

Once a third-rate superhero, Harvey Birdman is now a third-rate lawyer trying like hell to get by in a fancy law firm. It’s not clear whether Harvey actually went to law school, but he definitely knows the things to say to sound like a lawyer. And he has a suit now, that’s for sure. He’s working like crazy to move ahead, but while everyone else gets real cases, Harvey is stuck with the cartoon litigation.

The Volume One DVD release contains 13 original episodes from the hit show plus commentaries on five episodes, deleted scenes from “Deadomutt,” and “Trio’s Company”, the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law movie trailer, casting what ifs (Stephen Colbert as Harvey; Todd Barry as Harvey), an alternate version of the Tab song, behind-the-scenes photos and pencil tests.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is the planet’s only late-night talk show hosted by a cartoon superhero. Watch Space Ghost’s definitive interviews with real celebrities whose expressions reveal everything from awkward puzzlement to an obvious hangover, along with strange interactions from his prisoners-turned-sidekicks Zorak and Moltar. The top-notch guest list for Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume Three includes the pop culture gamut of celebrities with Jon Stewart, Goldie Hawn, Tony Bennett, Ice-T, Tom Arnold, Pat Boone, Steve Allen, Andy Dick, Rob Zombie, Erik Estrada, Raven, Buzz Aldrin, Beck, Robin Leach, Elvira, Peter Fonda, Bobcat Goldthwait, Charlton Heston, and many more.

The Volume Three DVD will contain 24 extended episodes along with audio commentary on five episodes an extended interview with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, a Moment with Jon Stewart, an alternate “Zorak“ ending, extras from Switcheroo, and the World Premiere Toon-In.

Both DVDs arrive April 12th with a $29.98 suggested retail price.

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