Bette vs. Joan – A Rivalry That Rocked Hollywood

Warner Home Video just announced two exciting DVD collections of two of classic Hollywood’s most notorious and celebrated divas – Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were two of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses of the ’30s and ’40s, yet they are known almost as much for their celebrated off-screen rivalry. No one is sure exactly how or why the feud began but Davis and Crawford consistently made headlines and kept the public amused with their verbal sparring. Crawford once said of Davis “I resent her. She’s a phony but I guess the public really likes that.” Davis, upon hearing the news of Crawford’s death in 1977 said, “You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good…Joan Crawford is dead, good!”

The two actresses made nearly 200 films, won three Academy Awards® and earned 13 Oscar® nominations for memorable classics, which are now newly remastered with bonus features including new featurettes, commentaries, documentaries and more. The Bette Davis Collection will feature Mr. Skeffington and The Star as well as a new edition of the Davis classic Dark Victory, which has been restored from the original camera negative and remastered for optimum picture quality. “The Bette Davis Collection” boxed set also includes two other archetypal Davis essentials, the unforgettable Now Voyager, originally released in 2002, restored from the original negative and now in sturdy Amaray keepcase packaging, and The Letter, released earlier this year.

The Joan Crawford Collection includes three new-to-DVD releases including the first-ever home video release of The Damned Don’t Cry, plus Crawford’s triumphant role opposite John Garfield in Humoresque and her 1947 Warner Bros. classic Possessed, along with two of her most famous films, Mildred Pierce and The Women, both of which have been repackaged into sturdy Amaray keepcases.

Both collections will sell for a suggested retail price of $49.92 and all films included will also be available individually for $19.97. All films will contain extensive bonus features, such as commentary tracks, featurettes, trailers and more. Get ready for your dose of Bette and Joan on June 14.

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