AMC explores DVD censorship

One of the many uncomfortable trends growing in DVD retail is post-theatrical release editing of DVDs to make them more family or politically palatable. AMC explores the trend in Bleep! Censoring Hollywood, a new documentary airing this month.

Self-appointed movie sanitizers claim they are making films safe for American families. In today’s DVD/home video marketplace, several small businesses are buying copies of Hollywood’s most popular movies to edit out sex, violence, and foul language. Once “cleansed,” they are sold again as so-called “family-friendly” versions – without the consent of the films’ directors or film studios. A cut here, an edit there – it’s driving Hollywood crazy. The documentary reveals how this controversial movement is rocking the boardrooms at Hollywood studios, the Directors Guild, and home entertainment companies while gaining an increasingly mainstream following among parents who want peace of mind and more control over what their kids watch. In addition, the documentary will profile major players in the “film sanitizing” business, such as CleanFlicks and ClearPlay, explore the broader debate of censorship vs. artistic freedom in the digital age as well as address the motives and passions of various political and entertainment advocates involved in this ongoing debate.

The documentary will air on AMC on April 26th at 10:00pm.

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