Will you hold a Grudge against Sony Pictures?

The question may seem odd, but Sony Pictures Home Entertainment once again made a move that will undoubtedly upset many fans of the chilling horror film The Grudge. Only weeks after the release of a standard version of the film, the studio now announced a Director’s Cut version. The studio made no prior indications about their plans to release this version of the film so shortly after the initial one, making this decision dubious at best and extremely customer-hostile at the least. It is once again, clearly, an attempt to milk DVD fans twice for their money, a practice that seems to become quite common in the industry.

Featuring a new cut of the film with previously unseen footage, the release will also contain a commentary track by director Takashi Shimizu, producer Taka Ichise and actor Takako Fjui. 15 deleted scenes with optional commentary will also be included, as well as Shimizu’s original Ju-On short films “4444444444” and “In A Corner.” Video Diaries from Sarah Michelle Gellar and KaDee Strickland will also be included on the release as well as storyboards, production artwork and other supplements.

“The Grudge: Director’s Cut will be released on May 15 with a suggested retail price tag of $28.95. Let’s just hope Sony Pictures will not fall victim to the grudge of the DVD fans with their practice of misleading consumers.

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