Star Trek Insurrection is coming in June

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced a special edition of the ninth Trek film Star Trek Insurrection for release in June.

From the beginning of the Federation, the Prime Directive was clear: no Starfleet expedition may interfere with the natural development of other civilizations. But now Picard is confronted with orders that undermine that decree. If he obeys, 600 peaceful residents of Ba’ku will be forcibly removed from their remarkable world, all for the reportedly greater good of millions who will benefit from Ba’ku’s Fountain of Youth-like powers. If he disobeys, he will risk his Starship, his career, his life. But for Picard, there’s really only one choice. He must rebel against Starfleet…and lead the insurrection to preserve Paradise.

The two disc set will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors as Star Trek fans make their DVD collections almost complete. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is accompanied by both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 sound. A text commentary is included, although there is no word on an audio commentary. Twelve featurettes: It Takes a Village, Location, Location, Location, The Art of Insurrection, Anatomy of a Stunt, The Story of Insurrection, Making Insurrection, Director’s Notebook, Westmore’s Aliens, Star Trek’s Beautiful Alien Women, Shuttle Chase, The Drones and The Duck Blind are included along with seven much talked about deleted scenes including Ru’afo’s Facelift, Working Lunch, Flirting, The Kiss, Status: Precarious, Disabling the Injector and an alternate ending, galleries of storyboards and production photos, teasers and trailers, an EPK featurette and Borg 3-D ads.

The DVD will arrive on June 7th with a suggested retail price yet to be announced.

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