Pop in some Home Movies

The second season of the Adult Swim entry Home Movies is coming to DVD from Shout! Factory.

Brendon Small is an eight-year-old would-be Scorsese. Living with his recently divorced and slightly alcoholic mother (Paula Small), Brendon passes the time making movies and getting advice from eternal frat boy soccer coach McGuirk. Although intended to be serious cinematic masterpieces, Brendon’s movies often bare a striking resemblance to other well-known cinematic fare.

The Season Two collection includes lots of fun bonus features, such as the grand prize-winning short film from Shout! Factory’s “Small Shorts” contest, motion animatics on each disc and multiple commentary tracks with Brendon Small, Loren Bouchard and Melissa Galsky. Other special features include ,i>“Audio Anatomy of a Scene” and the “Memories” featurette in which guest stars recount their “Home Movies” experience. . Finally, Brendon Small fans are treated to extended versions of original songs featured in season two of the series, plus a lesson in how to play the “Home Movies” theme.

The set arrives on May 31st for $34.98.

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