Orgazmo: Special Edition

Orgazmo: Special Edition (1998)
Universal Home Video
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ron Jeremy, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne
Extras: Commentary Tracks, Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Stills, Trailers, and much more

Imagine a young, buttoned-up and bible-toting Latter Saint Mormon going from door to door in an attempt to convert people. We’ve all had them in front of our doors. Now imagine him ringing the doorbell of a porn producer who needs a new ’actor’ for his latest movie. Do you see where this is going? Right, ’Orgazmo’ takes this far-out premise and throws this Mormon into the cest pool of the adult video industry where he suddenly becomes the biggest star ever. Of course, he doesn’t want to do porno, he only does it for the $20,000.00 they offered him, which would enable him to marry the girl of his dreams and settle down in their own home. Yeah, right…

Sprung from the mind of Trey Parker, one of the ’South Park’ creators, it is clear from the first moment that this film is a no-holds-barred send up of the porn industry and the moral conflicts it’s constantly facing in public. Not a single moment is played straight here, making ’Orgazmo’ a farce from beginning to end, epitomized by the use of DVDA’s ’Now you’re a man’ song over both, the movie’s opening and end credits. Just listening to it will have you rolling on the floor.

The movie is presented in two versions on this DVD, the original theatrical and an unrated cut. With a film like this, of course ,everyone’s going straight for the unrated version so I’m not sure why Universal even bothered adding the theatrical cut on the disc. No one’s ever going to watch it. The transfer is clean and clear, without notable defects or blemishes. Colors are strong throughout, making some of the set pieces look even more hokey that you’d expect, just like real porn movies, I’d say. Blacks are solid and no edge-enhancement mars the picture. The compression is also without noticeable artifacts.

The DVD comes with the original stereo Dolby track, which is perfectly suitable for the release and also without problems.

As extras the release contains three different commentary track. The first one is a drunken commentary track with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, as well as a few guests. The second one is a cast commentary while the third is an outrageously funny ’wild’ commentary starring a bunch of funny and cool people, including Trey, Mat, Kevin Smith, Al Yankovic and others.

On the second side of the DVD you will find almost 30 minutes worth of deleted scenes. Comign from work prints the quality is not great ,but still it’s some funny stuff.

’The Book Of Orgazmo’ is a 36-minute documentary about the origins of ’Orgazmo’, also covering Trey Parker’s early works suc has ’Cannibal: The musical’ and ’Timewarped.’

A live satellite interview from the 1998 DragonCon, which was plagued with audio problems and is presented here in its hilarious entirety.

Outtakes, Trailers, EPK interview clips and an original making-of promo featurette is also included on the release, as well as a still gallery from the movie. All of it is complemented by a few cool hidden features.

Starring actual porn stars, such as Ron Jeremy, Juli Ashton, Chasey Laine, Shayla LaVeaux and others, next to Try Parker and Matt Stone, ’Orgazmo’ is funny as Hell. It is filled with absurd moments every few minutes that will have you laughing tears while the rest is filled with hilarious dialogue and send-ups. ’Orgazmo’ rules!