David Blaine: Fearless

David Blaine: Fearless

Submitted by James P. McDonald

On Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s release of the magician’s DVD release “David Blaine: Fearless” you can also find some hidden features that will magically appear if you do the right thing.

On the DVD’s Main Menu use the directional buttons on your remote control to highlight David’s eyes while they are red and they will turn to green. Now press “enter” and David will let you participate in a magic card trick, specially for you. Interestingly the trick works over and over again, even if you pick a different every time.

Now go to the “Archives” section on the disc and press the “Down” key until now selection is highlighted. Now wait until the background animation has cycled three time and you will notice the letter on the screen turn white and then start to fade. David will open his eyes and tell you to get a deck of cards. He will wait. Eventually, he will do a trick for you while you are holding the cards.

Still in the “Archives” section, press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight a heart on David’s forehead. Press the “Enter” key and the heart will turn black and he will show you how he prepared for the “Pillar” event in 2003

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