More info on First Contact

Star Trek First Contact – on DVD since 1998 – is suddenly all over the DVD news pages. In addition to the HD-DVD announced earlier this week, new details have been announced for the upcoming two-disc special edition due in March.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and will have audio of Dolby Digital 5.1, and for the first time on a Star Trek DVD, DTS 5.1.
Two audio commentaries are included; one with director Jonathan Frakes, and one with writers Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore plus the Trek standard text commentarywith Michael and Denise Okud. Also included are the featurettesJerry Goldsmith: A Tribute, The Legacy of Zefram Cochrane, First Contact: The Possibilities, Unimatrix One, The Queen, Design Matrix, The Story, The Missile Silo, The Deflector Dish, From “A” to “E”, Making First Contact and The Art of First Contact, 3 scene deconstructions of the Borg Queen Assembly, Escape Pod Launch and Borg Queen’s Demise, storyboards, a photo gallery and the film’s teaser and theatrical trailers.

The disc will street on March 15th.

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