Warner hires The Bodyguard

The Dolly Parton song I Will Always Love You will probably permanently be fused in our memories with the Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston romance The Bodyguard. Warner Home Entertainment will be releasing a special edition later this winter.

The Bodyguard stars Houston as a pop-music diva and Costner as the ultra-serious bodyguard assigned to protect her in the aftermath of several death threats. Initially repelled by each other like water and oil, a passion ignites between them as the danger increases, transforming them as everything around them explodes.

In addition to featuring a new digital transfer in Dolby 5.1 and debuting on DVD in widescreen, bonus materials for The Bodyguard Special Edition include: a new making-of documentary Memories of The Bodyguard with the stars and filmmakers, the I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston music video and the theatrical trailer.

On February 1st, the DVD will be priced at $19.96.

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