Strand has a Crush

Strand is releasing the dark thriller Crush on DVD next year.

On their way to an interview with a novelist, long-time friends Lane and Christina are involved in a car crash. Lane’s reckless driving leaves Christina in serious condition, hospitalized in a coma. Lane, however, walks away from the accident unharmed and decides to assume Christina’s identity and visit the author and Angela, his daughter, the next day. In short order, Lane-as-Christina befriends the young, innocent girl and seduces her father. Lane is a wild spirit, causing commotion throughout the household. Though the novelist is captivated, Angela soon sees Lane for the maniacal and amoral sociopath that she is. Angela obsessively begins a macabre game of manipulation by helping Christina to recover, while willfully exposing Lane’s guilt. Just when an uneasy reconciliation seems imminent, an irrevocable act of vengeance shatters the lives of these four people forever.
The film is anamorphic widescreen and includes an audio commentary, interviews, the short film Kitchen Sink and theatrical trailers.

The disc is arriving on January 13th with a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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