Star Trek makes First Contact

The eighth film from the Final Frontier will come in March when Paramount Home Entertainment releases Star Trek First Contact as a two disc special edition.

They call themselves the Borg – a half-organic, half-machine collective with a sole purpose: to conquer and assimilate all races. Led by their seductive and sadistic queen, the Borg are headed to Earth with a devious plan to alter history. Picard’s last encounter with the Borg almost killed him. Now, he wants vengeance. But how far will he go to get it?

No info yet on special features, but the disc will likely mirror the features and specs of past sets. The set will replace the existing one-disc version of the film which was not only the first Star Trek DVD, but the first DVD available from Paramount back in 1998.

The DVD will arrive on March 1st.

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