Soap and Married… in the New Year

New Seasons for Soap and Married With Children are arriving early in 2005 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Married With Children The Third Season

For 11 seasons, Married.With Children was one of the most outrageous TV comedies ever produced. When it premiered in 1987, the series changed the face of TV family sitcoms forever with its bawdy humor and campy characters.

Married.With Children: The Complete Third Season features all 22 episodes from the third season, including the infamous lost episode “I’ll See You in Court,” which was never aired because TV censors declared it inappropriate for broadcast.

Soap The Complete Third Season

From respected TV sitcom writer/creator Susan Harris comes another season of the classic 1970s TV comedy, Soap. Winner of four Emmy Awards, SOAP stars Robert Guillame, Kathryn Helmond, Richard Mulligan and features a young Billy Crystal in his acting debut.

Soap: The Complete Third Season continues the saga of the wealthy Tates
and working-class Campbells in 22 more episodes of inspired zaniness.

Both sets will drop on January 25th.

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