Eighties television hits the disc

Warner Home Entertainment is kicking off its 50 Years of Television celebration in 2005 with the release of three staples of eighties sitcoms; Night Court, Full House and Murphy Brown are coming in February.

Set in San Francisco, Full House chronicles the adventures of the Tanners, an unconventional family headed by Danny Tanner, a doting father and recent widower, who’s left to raise his daughters. With his brother-in-law, wanna-be rock star “Uncle Jesse” Katsoplis and his best friend and stand up comic Joey Gladstone helping out, Danny learns all about parenting three young girls, including 10-year old D.J., five year old Stephanie and nine-month old Michelle.
All 22 episodes of the first season including the unaired pilot (with John Posey in place of Bob Saget) are included along with commentary on selected episodes, and a trivia subtitle track.

Murphy Brown parodied current events and took Washington by storm, with Candice Bergen playing Murphy Brown, the veteran star reporter of “F.Y.I.” a highly successful weekly magazine series. Along with her quirky cohorts “F.Y.I.’s” stuffy anchorman Jim Dial, investigative reporter and Murphy’s best friend Frank Fontana, a perky former Miss America, Corky Sherwood and executive producer and somewhat neurotic Miles Silverberg, Murphy Brown was not afraid to tackle any topic while going through secretaries like a revolving door.

The set includes all 22 episodes as well as a retrospective featurette and commentary on selected episodes.

Welcome to Night Court, where the magic trick, Mel Torme-loving Judge Harry T. Stone presided over a number of wacky defendants and worked with an equally wacky staff. The motley crew of characters included Judge Harry T. Stone, bailiff “Bull” Shannon, bailiff Selma Hacker, and the unscrupulous and sexually-charged District Attorney, Dan Fielding. Also in the cast during the first half-season were court clerk Lana Wagner and Defense Attorney Liz Williams.

The set includes all the episodes along with a featurette and commentary on selected episodes.

On February 8th, all three series will re-hit the television screens for $29.98.

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