Tales from Tales from the Crypt

From pulp comic to television series, the history of Tales from the Crypt is explored in Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television coming from CS Films.

“Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television” profiles the story behind the famous and controversial EC horror comic books of the 1950’s, and the pop culture they inspired. The main feature – a one-hour documentary produced for American Movie Classics – features interviews with George A. Romero, John Carpenter, R.L. Stine, and Joel Silver, each of whom discusses the influence that the famous EC horror comics had on their careers. Clips from “Night of the Living Dead,” “Creepshow,” “The Fog,” “Tales from the Crypt” (the 1972 movie) and the “Tales from the Crypt” television series demonstrate these influences.

The two-disc DVD set includes three hours of additional bonus material, including a rare roundtable discussion with horror/science fiction legendary author, Ray Bradbury.

The disc is available now. Enter the secrets of the Crypt if you dare.

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