Kids Fight Obesity with New Monkeydoos DVD Series

Thinkeroo, best known for their Way Cool Science for Kids series of DVDs, launches The Monkeydoos Movement and Learning Series to encourage kids to get up off the sofa and move to the music.

“Gallop, Hop & Stomp” gets children using their entire bodies to simulate physical movements made by different animals found in the wild. Physical movement, especially when started at younger ages, has proven to develop motor and coordination skills that lead to prolonged health, emotional well-being, potential for improved academic performance, accelerated social adaptation and increased energy. In a series of fun activities set to upbeat original songs, host Maureen Straub and her simian friends Flip, Tumble and Twist take viewers into their make-believe jungle to hop like frogs, climb like monkeys and stomp like elephants.

Recommended for ages two and older, the initial titles, “Gallop, Hop & Stomp” and “Pedal, Paddle and Twirl” will be available nationwide February 22, 2005 for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

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