Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment to change its name

It has become a common staple in the home video industry for studios to change their names back and forth from “Xyz Video” to “Xyz Home Video” to “Xyz Home Entertainment” et cetera. As of November 30, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will change their name to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to better reflect the relationship with its parent company. (Editor: Just be prepared for yet another name change once the division is spun off again potentially in a few years when Sony may lose interest in the home video or movie field and sell it so someone else, who of course wants to imprint their own name onto the division to better reflect their relationship with the parent company… as history has shown. )

Be that as it may, “Spider-Man 2” will be the first title on November 30 to be released under the new lable, so look out for it.

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