Berenstain Bears have new lessons

The long running book and PBS television series The Berenstain Bears have a new volume coming from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Say Please and Thank You

Brother and Sister seem to have forgotten some important manners ¬ like saying “please” and “thank you.” After a few incidents are relayed to Mama and Papa during dinner, the cubs are reminded about the importance of being considerate and how saying those three little words show appreciation and respect for others.

Papa¹s Pizza

Brother and Sister are having all their friends over for a party and want to serve something that all of them will like to eat. They¹re shocked to discover that everyone has different tastes. It¹s Papa to the rescue when he suggests that they celebrate everyone¹s individuality by providing guests with the ingredients to make their own, personal pizza.

Mighty Milton

When a new cub at school is teased by Too-Tall and the gang for his lack of sporting ability, Brother takes it upon himself to help his new friend renew his self-esteem by finding value in the things he can do well.

The Big Blooper

While visiting her friend¹s house, Sister watches a video intended for a teenage audience and repeats some of the “colorful” language she heard to the family at dinnertime. Mama explains how their language has thousands of words to choose from and that she should always pick words that show respect for others.
Double Dare

Too Tall thinks Brother will be a welcome addition to his gang. When following the gang means trespassing on Farmer Ben¹s property, Brother is the only one caught and Farmer Ben has an earnest talk with him about dealing with peer pressure.

Get The Gimmies

Brother and Sister think they¹re entitled to treats every time the family goes grocery shopping. Their “gimmie gimmie attitude” gets an adjustment when Gramps and Gran tell a touching story that inspires Brother and Sister to change their selfish ways and start thinking of others in need.

The disc contains no traditional features, but boasts a child-friendly Quick Start system which gets the program running almost immediately upon disc insertion. Let’s hope this become a standard feature on all DVDs.

The disc arrives on January 4th with a suggested retail price of $14.94.

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