Rounders: Collector’s Edition

Rounders: Collector’s Edition

Submitted by Scott Weitz and Jared Fields

On the Miramax Collector’s Series release of “Rounders” the studio has hidden some additional features for you to unlock. Here’s how to get to these hidden features.

From the DVD’s Main Menu go to the “Special Features” section and there highlight the menu entry “Professional Poker.” Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the stack of red chips on the table. Press the “Enter” key now and you wil lsee a clip called “The Bet, ” in which Matt Damon tells the story of Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein playing a one-hand charity Poker game against Poker legend Doyle Brunson – complete with footage form the occasion.

Now go to the “Set Up” menu from the DVD’s Main Menu. There select the entry “Subtitles” and on the following menu highlight the menu entry “Set Up.” Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the Spades underneath the menu screen’s title logo. Press “Enter” and you will be treated to a clip of Matt Damon telling the story how he and Ed Norton beat the Weinstein brothers out of $900 in a poker game.

A third Easter Egg is hidden in the “Sneak Peeks” menu that is accessible form the Main Menu. Once there, highlight the menu entry “Play All” and then press the “Left” arrow key to highlight the Spades symbol on one of the playing cards. Pressing the “enter” key now will give you the chance to see a clip of Poker legend Johnny Chan giving an exclusive basic primer of Texas Hold’Em Poker for the viewers.

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