Warner meets the demand for more Kangaroo Jack

Jack is back in the new animated feature Kangaroo Jack G’Day USA from Warner Home Entertainment.

Louis, Charlie and Jessie head to Australia in search of a new shampoo recipe and land right into the pouch of their old friend Kangaroo Jack. When poachers kidnap and threaten their marsupial mate, the heroic trio follows Jack and his captors back to glittering Las Vegas, where they find themselves embroiled in an Aboriginal jewel heist. The high-stakes hijinks come to a climax at Outback Ollie’s Animal Show, when our heroes see that justice is served and they return Jack and the jewels to Australia.

Extras include a 10-minute documentary on kangaroos and the Australian Outback, produced by National Geographic, a game, a kangaroo rap sequence, how to draw a kangaroo, and trailers.

On November 16th, the DVD arrives with a $24.98 MSRP.

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