Christmas comes from Warner

Warner Home Entertainment is getting ready for the holidays with two Christmas releases coming later this year; National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure and Christmas in Connecticut are both on the way.

Christmas looks promising for Cousin Eddie and the clan when they’re offered an all-expense paid trip to the South Pacific. The dream vacation soon turns into a tropical nightmare when the family gets shipwrecked on an island. While the hilariously inept Eddie tries valiantly to fulfill his wife’s wish to just have food and shelter for Christmas, the rest of the family tries to survive the elements – and each other – while keeping up their yuletide spirits. It’s a holiday they’ll never forget.

The disc will be pretty light in the way of features, but will contain National Lampoon’s Christmas Card Outtakes Collection and a trailer gallery for the Vacation films.

Elizabeth Blane is a charming TV cooking show hostess, who despite being unmarried and living in a sparse city loft, broadcasts a quite different image to her viewing audience. While cooking up gourmet dishes (actually produced behind the scenes by her assistant), she talks on her show about her totally fictitious daughter, grandchild, husband and her big country house in Connecticut. When her producer Alex Yardley creates a publicity scheme involving a live Christmas show broadcast from her Connecticut “home,” surrounded by her “friends and family,” the stage is set for mix-ups, mishaps and mistaken identities; especially when Elizabeth must entertain a reluctant local hero who is unaware the show is all a charade.

The disc contains only the film and trailers for both the film and its 1945 counterpart.

Both DVDs will be available on October 5th with a suggested retail price of $19.97.

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