Warner Brothers launches DC for Kids

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is expanding its superhero lineup with the new DC Comics Kids Collection. Box sets for the teen based Teen Titans and Static Shock are coming.

Teen Titans:In a future marked by intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles, five teenage Super Heroes each with special powers – Robin The Boy Wonder, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire – unite to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains…all while coping with the everyday problems of adolescence.

The set will contain the featurette Comic Creations, a music video, music video sneak peak, games and trailers along with the first six episodes of the show.

Static Shock:Featuring the first African-American teenage superhero, Static Shock follows the exploits of quick-witted Virgil Hawkins, who after being exposed to a mutagenetic gas, becomes urban hero “Static.” Virgil is charged with electromagnetic abilities allowing him to fire bolts from his fists and propel objects in the air. As Static gains confidence, he embarks on a series of adventures to discover inner meaning and help make a positive impact on his community. Along with his best friend Richie, who developed his own metahuman powers and assumed the guise of techno-wiz Gear, they have become the new justice-enforcing duo.

The set also features six episodes along with maps, games, bios and trailers.

Arriving on September 28th, both sets will be priced at $19.97.

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