Predator: Special Edition

Predator: Special Edition

Submitted by Bielefeld, Van Der Wolf, Schumann, and O’Loughlin

On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s special edition release of “Predator” among the many bonus features, the studio has also added a hidden feature. Here’s where you can find it.

On the first disc of the DVD set go to the “Special Features” section and there highlight the menu entry “Main Menu.” Now press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control and the Predator’s crosshair consisting of three triangular points will appear on the foliage. Now hit the “Enter” key and you will see a clip of director John McTiernan telling how he learned about film and filmmaking.

Now, insert the second disc of the DVD set and on the Main Menu highlight the entry “Inside The Predator.” Now press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control to see the Predator’s crosshair at the top right. Press the “Enter” key and you will see an interview clip called “Jesse’s ultimate goal,” featuring, of course, Jesse Ventura.

Now go to the “Predator special Effects” section on the disc and there highlight the “Main Menu” entry. Press the “Left” arrow key and once again the Predator’s crosshair will show up. If you press “Enter” now you’ll get to see an interview clip with Stan Winston talking about a practical joke they played on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And another egg can be found when you go to the “Photos” section. There, highlight the first picture of Shane Black, press the “Down” arrow key on your remote and another Predator crosshair will show up. Hit the “Enter” key and a clip called “Don’t Drink the Water” awaits you.

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