Fishbone is coming

Music Video Distributors and Henhouse Studio are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Fishbone – Critical Times: The Henhouse Sessions for worldwide distribution on DVD.

In 2001, the legendary, influential and voraciously eclectic band Fishbone arrived to record their newest material at the Hen House, a free community recording studio – fully wired for digital sound and video. The only rule: leave your shoes at the door. What commenced was an in-depth look at a veteran musical group during its sometimes painful reincarnation phase. After having been lifted to stardom at the age of 17, the critically acclaimed Fishbone seemed poised to blast its way into permanent orbit – when suddenly their musical world was shaken apart with the explosive departure of key members of the band and problems with their label.

Coming on October 5ht, the DVD is priced at $19.95.

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