Shout! Factory releases Born Rich in October

Shout! Factory announces the DVD debut of Born Rich, the 2004 two-time Emmy-nominated HBO documentary directed by first-time filmmaker and heir to the “Johnson & Johnson” fortune Jamie Johnson. Filmed over a three-year period, and narrated by the director, “Born Rich” spotlights ten young adults who entered the world as members of America’s wealthiest families, and knowing they would never have to work a day in their lives: Ivanka Trump (Real Estate Heiress), Josiah Hornblower (Vanderbilt/Whitney Heir), Cody Franchetti (Textile Heir), Georgina Bloomberg (Media Heir), Luke Weil (Gaming Heir), among others. These society-column names speak frankly about the one subject they all know is taboo – money.

In “Born Rich,” Johnson’s unique access to this next generation of American money makes for candid interviews ranging from life philosophies and trust funds to prenuptial agreements and career choices, ultimately revealing a common struggle to discover individual identities.

In addition to the film, the Born Rich DVD features bonus material including an audio commentary with Johnson, during which he discusses his interview participants in detail and touches upon his legal struggle with interviewee Weil, who unsuccessfully attempted to block the release of the project. A second audio commentary reveals more from Johnson, textile heir and fashion model Franchetti and producer Dirk Wittenborn. Bonus material also includes deleted scenes, featuring a tour of the family home belonging to S.I. Newhouse IV, Condé Nast publishing heir.

Get ready for a serious dose of culture-shock on October 5th when this DVD hits retai lstores for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

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