The Office: Season 1

The Office: Season 1

Submitted by Leigh Young, Andrew Barr and Dan Szemenyei

On BBC Home Video’s release of the first season of “The Office” the studio has added an innocent little hidden feature that’s not easy to catch. So here is how to get to it.

Insert the disc on your DVD player and on the Main Menu simply wait, doing nothing. After a little while the phone will begin to ring. While the phone is ringing press the “Enter” key on your remote control. You will now have the chance to view an uncut, extended version of Brent the Boss“ brilliant song ”Freelove Freeway“ from the motivational meeting in the movie. Make sure to hit the ”Enter“ key the first time the phone rings, as this Easter Egg will not show up in subsequent rings.

An additional hidden feature can be found on the second disc of the DVD set. In the menu for the episode ”Who Cares Wins“ go to the deleted scene with the title ”Slough’ by John Betjeman“ and there wait until the room goes dark. Now, press the ”Enter’ key on your remote control and you will be have the chance to see the full-length instruction video by Peter Purves as featured in episode four.

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