Miramax celebrates a decade of Clerks

Has it really been ten years since Kevin Smith introduced us to his New Jersey based universe? Miramax celebrates the decade of the Askewniverse with a three disc special edition of Clerks this fall.

The new set will include both the theatrical cut and the extended Sundance cut of the film. Both versions will include an audio commentary and the longer version will host an additional video commentary. The documentary Snowball Effect, an animated missing scene, MTV spots featuring Jay and Silent Bob, video of the 10th anniversary screening, audition tapes, theatrical trailers, TV spots, music videos, a photo gallery, DVD ROM enhanced viewing options, journals and articles are also included. For Kevin Smith completists, his two short films Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary and The Flying Carr will also be included.

The DVD will arrive on September 7th. The suggested retail will be $39.99.

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