The Justice League is Starcrossed

Going strong on The Cartoon Network is the superhero cartoon Justice League. Warner Home Entertainment has compiled the recent three part episode Starcrossed into a feature length piece for DVD this summer.

When a Thanagarian invasion threatens the Earth, Hawkgirl is torn between loyalty to her homeland and love for her friends on her adopted planet. Unity among the Justice League is compromised as Hawkgirl is swayed by the dark side of the Thanagarians to control the Earth. Eventually, Hawkgirl discovers their final plan and the grim future for Earth. Will the Thanagarians destroy the planet or will the reunion of the seven members of the Justice League prevail? This is the one battle that could rip the World’s Greatest Super Heroes apart…forever!

The DVD will feature a few kid-friendly features including the featurettes “Hawkman: From Comics to Cartoon” and The Flash’s Tour of the Justice League Watchtower plus interviews.

Priced at $19.97, the disc will arrive on July 13th.

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