Of Dogs and Dolphins

Warner Home Video celebrates the DVD debut of five of the best-loved family films of all time, starring animal heroes Lassie and Flipper. Lassie Come Home, Son of Lassie and The Courage of Lassie, Flipper and Flipper’s New Adventure will make their DVD debuts this summer.

Lassie Come Home is the first of the seven full-length Lassie feature films made between 1943 and 1953 which inspired the subsequent long-running television series. Lassie Come Home chronicles the initial adventure of the faithful collie who, after being sold by her poor family struggling to survive the depression, embarks on a danger-filled 1,000 mile journey to return home.

Son of Lassie, the war-themed film sequel to Lassie Come Home features June Lockhart and Peter Lawford playing the adult roles that Elizabeth Taylor and Roddy McDowall portrayed as children. At the height of World War II, dogs are being trained to assist the war effort and Lassie’s son, Laddie, sneaks off with his owner, who’s joined the army and is headed for his first bombing mission over Nazi-occupied Norway.

The Courage of Lassie, the third Lassie feature centers around Bill, a pup who’s been separated from his mother. At first, he has no one to love except other animals, until he’s found by a young girl, who adopts him and raises him for her own. But a tragic car accident separates the two and Bill becomes drafted for a WW II K-9 unit until battle fatigue overwhelms him. He turns vicious and has to be rehabilitated once he returns home.

Flipper, Much like Lassie, Flipper has become a favorite American icon, so well recognized that old and young can still hum along if anyone even whispers “Flip-per Flip-per, faster than light-ning, No one you see is smarter than he…”

Flipper’s New Adventure, Flipper’s back with new friends and new adventures. This time he’s got to help rescue an English family that’s being held captive by modern-day pirates. Filmed on location in the Bahamas and Key Biscayne, Florida, Luke Halpin and Flipper save the day once again.

All of the discs will be in their original aspect ratios and mono soundtracks. No extras will be includd.

Priced at $14.97, each disc will arrive on August 24th.

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