Judgment at Nuremberg comes to DVD

One of the great classics finally makes its way to DVD when
Judgment at Nuremberg come from MGM Home Entertainment.

Director Stanley Kramer’s socially conscious 1961 film tackles
the subject of the war crime trials arising out of World War II
in an earnest and straightforward fashion, exploring the
consciousness of two nations as they struggle to come to terms with
the aftermath of the Holocaust. Spencer Tracy plays the American
judge selected to head the tribunal that will try the suspected war
criminals. As he sets about his task, he must confront the raw
emotion felt by the German people, and his own notions of good and
evil, right and wrong.

The disc presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and mono.
Extras include trailers, three featurettes
“In Conversation: Abby Mann and Maximilian Schell”, “A
Tribute to Stanley Kramer”
and “The Value of a Single Human
and a still gallery.

Arriving on September 7th, the disc will be priced at $14.95.

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