Getting ready to enter The Twilight Zone

The original anthology series The Twilight Zone has seen huge success on DVD. Now New Line Home Entertainment is hoping for success for the 2002-2003 remake when it releases the entire series on DVD this summer.

he DVD set of the updated The Twilight Zone includes remakes of two popular classic episodes – “The Eye of the Beholder, ” with Molly Sims in the lead role of Janet Taylor (the original starred Donna Douglas of The Beverly Hillbillies fame) who anxiously awaits the outcome of an eleventh surgery to correct her abnormal face. When the bandages come off, she is revealed to be incredibly beautiful, but the doctor recoils in horror as the camera pulls back to reveal that he and others in the hospital room are deformed and misshapen. Then, paranoia strikes the residents of Maple Street when they believe human-looking aliens have invaded the neighborhood in “The Monsters on Maple Street,” another remade episode starring Andrew McCarthy (the original, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” starred Claude Akins). Also of note is “It’s Still a Good Life,” a sequel to “It’s a Good Life,” which stars Bill Mummy and Cloris Leachman, cast members from the original The Twilight Zone episode about little Anthony Fremont, a boy who controls an entire town with his ability to read minds and make people do as he wishes.

The Twilight Zone DVD set is presented in widescreen, with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic 2.0.

On September 7th, the set comes at $59.98.

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