Scary favorites come from Warner

Warner Home Video is preparing some scary old favorites for release this August including Tod Browning’s long-awaited Freaks, The Bad Seed, Dead Ringer, Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned.

Freaks – This classic from horror master-hack Tod Browning was first released in 1932, but subsequently banned in England for more than 30 years because of its controversial casting and portrayal of real people with grotesque physical deformities. In the 1960s Freaks developed a huge cult following at midnight shows. Even today, it retains its power to transfix an audience. Freaks features the “living torso” Prince Radian, Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton, half-bodied Johnny Eck, “pinheads” Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow and others. Plot involves an exquisite looking but cold-hearted high-wire artist who marries a wealthy circus performer, and then schemes with her bodybuilder lover to poison her husband in order to inherit his wealth. The group of “freaks” seeks revenge and gets even with the high-wire artist.

Bonus material includes three alternate endings, an all-new documentary Freaks: Sideshow Cinema, commentary by David J. Skal and a special message prologue added for the theatrical reissue.

The Bad Seed – Nancy Kelly and Patty McCormack star in this tale of suspense based on the Maxwell Anderson Broadway play about a woman who appears to have it all: a wonderful home, a husband who adores her and a seemingly ideal daughter — who turns out to have an “inherited evil” which results in the deaths of several people.

Bonus material will include a commentary by Patty McCormack and Charles Busch, a new making-of documentary Enfant Terrible: A Conversation with Patty McCormack and a theatrical trailer.

Dead Ringer – Bette Davis plays twin sisters for “double trouble.” Edith Phillips, because of a longtime grudge over a man, kills and then takes on the identity of her wealthy twin sister Margaret. Karl Malden, Peter Lawford co-star in the movie which was directed by Davis’s 1940s leading man, Paul Henreid.

Bonus material will include a commentary by Charles Busch and Boze Hadleigh, an all-new documentary Double Take: Bette vs. Bette, the featurette Behind-the-Scenes at the Doheny Mansion and a theatrical trailer.

Village of the Damned – In Midwich, a small English village, every citizen falls into a deep, strange sleep in the middle of the day. Months later all the young women are pregnant and their resulting children show little emotion and have strange penetrating eyes that seem to make people do things against their will.

Children of the Damned – Sequel to Village of the Damned is about scientists who discover five children, each with an inordinate amount of intelligence. The children are flown to London to be studied, but they escape and wreak havoc.

The Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned double-feature DVD will include a commentary by Steve Haberman on Village and John Briley on Children, plus theatrical trailers.

On August 10th all titles will arrive with a suggested retail price of $19.97.

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