Fargo: Special Edition

Fargo: Special Edition

Submitted by Dan Lovegren

On MGM Home Entertainment’s Special Edition version of “Fargo, ” the studio has included some interesting hidden features. They are not easy to find, so don’t wonder why you haven’t seen them yet. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be fine.

From the DVD’s Main Menu go to the “Special Features” section. There, press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the snow globe behind Jerry Lundegaard. Now press the “Enter” key and your menu screens will change. If you return to the Main Menu now, it has changed to a snow globe with the triple homicide scene.

Now go to the “Scene Selections” and you will see an empty snow globe there. Every time you select a scene now, the footage from that particular scene will play inside the globe.

If you go to the “Languages” in the snow globe version of the menu you will get to see a new menu featuring the windshield scraping scene.

What is particularly significant about these hidden features is that in previous VHS editions of “Fargo,” an actual snow globe, one showing the triple homicide scene, or one showing the wood chipper scene came with the package. The particular snow globe one received depended on whether one purchased the regular or “special edition” VHS.

Unfortunately, no snow globe was included with the Special Edition DVD!

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