Lost Skeleton of Cadavra in glorious digital-vision

The odd throwback The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is making its way from the art house theaters to the home theater thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Dr. Paul Armstrong, aided by his clueless wife Betty is searching for a recently fallen meteor containing the rare radioactive element atmosphereum. Also seeking the meteor is evil scientist Dr. Roger Fleming, who’s looking for Cadavra Cave, mysterious home to the dreaded Lost Skeleton, whom he hopes to restore to life with atmosphereum. Then a spaceship crashes in the woods, letting loose a mutant who ravages the countryside. The stranded alien couple not only must retrieve their mutant, but can only repower their ship with – you guessed it – atmosphereum. After the aliens disguise themselves as earth people with the aid of their “transmutatron,” Dr. Fleming steals the gizmo and turns four different forest animals into his beautiful sidekick, “Animala” With everyone after the atmosphereum, the Armstrongs find they have their hands full as they try to capture the radioactive monster, stop the evil scientist, and vanquish the power-mad Skeleton who wants to rule the world!

The disc comes with the film in anamorphic widescreen with a surprising number of extras including commentary tracks, a blooper reel, an American Cinematheque Q&A the “Obey the Lost Skeleton!” featurette a photo gallery, the Skeleton Frolic cartoon and a theatrical trailer along with trailers for classic B horror films.

So beware, when the film rises on June 22nd, only $24.96 of your Earth-dollars will obtain it.

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