Warner re-releases Hammer Classics

Frankenstein and Dracula enjoyed a huge success in the ‘50s and ‘60s thanks in part to the many films of Mike Hammer. A new six disc set of Hammer classics is coming from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Dr. Frankenstein forces a young doctor and his fiancée to kidnap his prey for a brain transplant, but the procedure goes deadly wrong. Horror great Peter Cushing stars.

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave – When the niece of a prominent clergyman becomes Dracula’s victim, the monsignor vows to put a stop to Dracula’s deadly ways. For this third incarnation of Bram Stoker’s signature story, Academy Award®- winning cinematographer Freddy Francis directs Hammer Films’ leading man Christopher Lee in the title role.

Taste the Blood of Dracula – Christopher Lee stars again as Count Dracula. This time Dracula seeks revenge for the death of a beloved servant by initiating the children of the murderers to participate in evil acts themselves.

Curse of Frankenstein – A terrifying twist on the Mary Shelley classic, this film was the first in a series of a seven film franchise for Hammer Films. The film stars Cushing as Baron Victor Frankenstein, a scientist gone mad, and Christopher Lee as his non-human creation.

Horror of Dracula – Cushing stars as Dr. Van Helsing and Lee debuts in his role as Count Dracula, in this classic retelling of the horror tale. After Dracula begins to prey on a friend’s family, Van Helsing is determined to destroy Dracula and rid the world of his evil.

The Mummy – When a group of archeologists unearth an ancient burial ground in Egypt they awaken the spirit of the Mummy who travels back to England to kill each of those who trespassed on the holy ground. Lee stars as the Mummy and Cushing mans the lead role.

The DVDs will include the theatrical trailer for their respective films, English and French language soundtracks and subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

On April 27th, the collection will sell for $68.92. Each of the titles will also be available individually for $19.97.

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