Travel at The Velocity of Gary

An unusual love story about three non-
traditional people and their surprisingly traditional values is brought to DVD in The
Velocity of Gary
from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Gary is a young man struggling to stay alive on the streets of
contemporary urban America. But things change for him when he meets the sexy and
charismatic Valentino, an actor in porn movies and a social
castaway. Their attraction for each other is instant and powerful. Their relationship is
complicated by the free-spirited waitress, Mary Carmen, Valentino’s
ever-present girlfriend. Valentino is the love of her life. But to her dismay, she soon
realizes that his heart belongs to Gary. Mary Carmen and Gary become involved in a
constant battle for Valentino’s affections and grow to despise one another. However,
when Valentino comes down with AIDS, the two are forced to put aside their differences.
In order to care for their dying love, Mary Carmen and Gary move in together with
Valentino. As Valentino’s condition deteriorates, Mary Carmen finds out that she is
pregnant with his child. As one life ends, another begins, bringing hope for the future.

The DVD sadly has absolutely no extras, but will be available on April 13th with a suggested retail price of $24.98.

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