Columbia TriStar presents The Statement in April

On April 7, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will release Norman Jewison’s intense political thriller, “The Statement.” Starring Michael Caine, Alan Bates and Charlotte Rampling, the movie tells the story of Pierre Brossard (Caine) who, as a young man during World War II, committed a heinous crime. Over the course of more than forty years, Brossard has never been brought to trial and has lived a peaceful and anonymous life sheltered by right-wing elements of the French government and the Catholic Church. A new investigation into his crimes is launched by an ambitious judge (Swinton) and a scrupulous army officer (Northam). Even though Brossard manages to outwit the state investigation, he is simultaneously tracked by mysterious hit men. With two hunters on his heels, this wily old fox must try to stay alive and find out who is after him.

The DVD will come with an anamorphic widescreen presentation and will also include a commentary track by director Norman Jewison. Other extras will include interviews with Michael Caine and Norman Jewison, a series of deleted scenes and a Making Of Featurette.

“The Statement” will be available on April 7 and carry a suggested retail price of $26.98.

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