Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Submitted by Kyle Pickup, Kyle Scheinhaus and Andrew Barr

On Lions Gate’s release of the horror film “Cabin Fever” the studio has hidden some interesting Easter Eggs.

The first one is the obligatory trailer potpourri that can be accessed by highlighting the Lions Gate logo on the Main Menu and pressing “Enter.” The reel is closed out by director Eli Roth coming on screen, congratulating you on finding the Easter Egg.

The DVD also contains a series of interesting menu time-outs that you can find in the “Scene Selections.” Simply go there from the Main Menu and don’t do anything. Just wait until the menu has looped a few times. Eventually the party-obsessed cop will show up and treat you to a brief clip. Try various of the Scene Selection pages for different clips, and if you pay attention to them you will realize that these clips actually create a small story.

And another Easter Egg can be found on the disc, trickier than the other ones. Simply watch the movie and during the hospital scene you will see a man in a rabbit costume on the screen. Press the “Enter” key during that scene and you will have the chance to see a very special hidden feature. Director Eli Roth first congratulates you for finding the Easter Egg and then treats you to some deleted footage involving the original dog (who couldn’t act) as well as some footage of Eli having difficulty with the dog they did use.

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