Starsky & Hutch return to the screen

They’re two tough cops, but with an undercover car like that, how could they not be? Starsky & Hutch are coming to DVD this spring from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Fueled by full-throttle car chases, off-beat humor, hip 70s fashions, colorful characters and the infamous red hot rod, Starsky & Hutch brought the gritty realism and sheer excitement of the “Dirty Harry” movies to the small screen in 1975 on ABC, captivating audiences for four seasons. Though complete character personality opposites of each other, the partners developed an engaging camaraderie to become the ultimate crime-busting undercover team.

Many features are available, but many are simply promotion for the upcoming film. audio commentary will be available on select episodes with the stars of the show. Several featurettes will be included as will original television spots.

With a $49.95 SLP, the first season will arrive on March 2nd.

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