Warner revisits Oscar favorites

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has decided to finally release several of their past Oscar winning films including one more AFI top 100 film; Grand Hotel, The Great Ziegfeld, Mutiny On The Bounty, Mrs. Miniver, Gaslight and Goodbye Mr. Chips are all arriving in February.

Grand Hotel – This 1932 MGM film which won the Oscar® for Best Picture features a 1930’s “A-list” cast including Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore and Wallace Beery. Set at the luxurious Grand Hotel, where “nothing ever happens,” a disfigured doctor doles out cynical commentary as hotel patrons come and go. Edmund Goulding directed the ensemble cast in this stunning story of love, betrayal and despair.

The Grand Hotel DVD bonus features include: the new documentary Checking Out: Grand Hotel, 1932 newsreel footage of the Hollywood premiere, Just a Word of Warning – a 1932 theatre announcement, Nothing Ever Happens a newly-discovered 1933 Vitaphone shortspoof on Grand Hotel, and theatrical trailers.

The Great Ziegfeld –The immensely entertaining 1936 biographical film about flamboyant impresario Florenz Ziegfeld and his first wife. The story follows Ziegfeld’s tumultuous climb from humble carny barker to the pinnacle of his career, when he became spectacularly famous as the producer of his legendary “Follies,” eventually triumphing with four simultaneous hits on Broadway.

The Great Ziegfeld DVD bonus features include: Ziegfeld on Film – a new behind-the-scenes documentary and 1936 newsreel footage.

Mutiny On The Bounty –Adapted from the Nordhoff-Hall book about the brutal 1789 mutiny on a return voyage from the South Seas, Charles Laughton turns in a brilliant performance as the cruel and tyrannical Bligh, pitted against the heroic and fair-minded Fletcher Christian, who leads the crew in mutiny.

The Mutiny on the Bounty bonus features include: the 1935 short Pitcairn Island Today, 1936 newsreel footage and theatrical trailers.

Mrs. Miniver – Directed by William Wyler, this 1942 story of a British family’s struggles during World War II did much to help rally American support for British allies during WWII. Greer Garson’s performance as Mrs. Miniver, the middle-class British housewife determined to keep her family together during the ravages of the German Blitzkrieg, has never lost its power to inspire audiences.

The Mrs. Miniver DVD bonus features include Greer Garson Academy Awards footage, a photo gallery, two MGM wartime shorts and a theatrical trailer.

Gaslight – Ingrid Bergman captured 1944’s Oscar for Best Actress with her role as a wealthy, beautiful but naïve socialite in this electrifying psychological thriller directed by George Cukor. The film also won the Academy Award® for Best Art Direction with Best Supporting Actor nominations going to Charles Boyer for his mesmerizing portrayal as the psychopathic husband who attempts to drive Bergman’s character insane and to Angela Lansbury as the spirited maid unwittingly drawn into Boyer’s master plan.

The Gaslight DVD bonus features include the original 1940 British version of Gaslight, the new documentary Reflections on Gaslight, newsreel footage and the 1944 theatrical trailer.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips – A shy professor teaches at a prestigious private school. Initially, his straight-laced ways don’t go over well with the students and he becomes discouraged and depressed. While traveling he meets Katherine Ellis, who not only becomes the love of his life but who helps him turn his fate around.

All of the films will feature fullscreen transfers and mono sound.

February 3rd is the release date for all of these DVDs which will all carry a suggested retail price of $19.98.

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