Meat Beat Manifesto goes 5.1

Digital 5.1 sound has been the territory of movies and the occasional novelty remix CD designed to test speakers. But Meat Beat Manifesto, best known for their contributions to recent films including the Matrix, have recorded an album exclusively for 5.1 sound to be released on DVD early next year.

As a producer, Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers has long been at the forefront of the digital music revolution, audibly influencing everything around him and providing the architectural audio blueprints for contemporary artists as wide ranging as Nine Inch Nails and the Chemical Brothers. Now with the use of 5.1 Surround Sound at his fingertips, Dangers presents a transforming take on the traditional that allows sounds to bounce between speakers and dance around a room in a way previously only hypothesized. Meat Beat Manifesto albums have always been delightfully upfront and attention grabbing, but …In Dub 5.1 Surround places the listener right at the beating heart of the action like never before. Here is an audio format that does true justice to the soundclashing sorcery of Meat Beat Manifesto.

Aside from the 5.1 mix, little info is available on the technical side of things for the disc, but it will arrive nonetheless on January 20th with a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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