Columbia TriStar tells the tale Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will soon release the third installment of Robert Rodriguez’s trilogy with Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Set against the backdrop of revolution, greed and revenge is the saga of the mythic guitar-singing hero, El Mariachi. Returning from exile to avenge his slain family, El Mariachi is recruited by corrupt CIA agent Sands to sabotage a plot to assassinate the president of Mexico by the evil cartel kingpin Barillo. Now, this deadly army of one with a price on his head seeks retribution and dispenses justice the hard way to save his country and settle some old scores.

The disc will contain a decent amount of extras including an audio commentary by director Robert Rodriguez, a “Ten-Minute Flick School” short film, the featurettes “Inside Troublemaker Studios”, “Film is Dead: An Evening with Robert Rodriguez”, “The Anti-Hero’s Journey” and “The Good, The Bad and The Bloody: Inside KNB FX”, eight deleted scenes (with optional commentary), an isolated music and sound design track, theatrical trailers and DVD-ROM content.

The DVD will arrive on January 20th with a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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