The Kids in the Hall are back

In response to the multitude of fans of the hilarious hit show The Kids In The Hall, Broadway Video Enterprises is bringing the series to DVD for the first time and, in a unique nod to loyal viewers, is allowing them to influence what they’ll see on the final release and in subsequent Kids in the Hall titles. When The Kids In The Hall – Season One becomes available later this year, the extra content and special features included on the four-disc set will be influenced heavily by the fans, who have been weighing in with their suggestions in an online survey at The collection will be available for purchase on the official Kids in the Hall Web site at the time of its release, where pre-orders for the set will be taken, beginning in November. In addition, will allow fans to voice their opinion on merchandising ideas, track the making of the DVD through a production diary and offers a wealth of information about the oddball comedy troupe and its series.

Extra content that is being considered for The Kids In The Hall – Season One set, and that followers of the show will voice their opinion on, includes: a compilation of sketches from the classic series pilot, a best-of compilation from the first season, early, never-before-televised performances, audio commentary from The Kids, new interviews with the cast, writer Paul Bellini and executive producer Lorne Michaels and cast bios and selected credits.

When more specific details are available, they will be here.

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