Gigli is coming back

Despite a pretty severe beating at the box office, Gigli will make its way to DVD from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment later this year.

Small-time, dim-witted street thug Larry Gigli has a reputation for big time screw-ups. When orders arrive for Gigli to kidnap and safeguard the brother of a federal prosecutor, he finally has the opportunity to repair his damaged street-cred. To assure that Gigli doesn’t make a mess out of his assignment, the boss pairs him up with tough and gorgeous gal gangster, Ricki. Not one to take orders from a woman, Gigli tries to seduce Ricki but the more decidedly unavailable she becomes, the more he finds himself needing to win her true affection. When the job slips out of their control, they find themselves in over their heads and must finally learn to work together to save both of their hides.

The DVD itself is pretty barebones. Anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen transfers are both accompanied by a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. A trailer is also included.

The disc will arrive on December 9th and will carry a suggested retail price of $26.94.

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