Columbia TriStar remembers Henry Fool

Hal Hartley’s wit is in full force with the offbeat Henry Fool. The film will be released by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Socially inept young garbage man Simon Grim sulks through a sexless, humiliating lower-class existence. He shares a house in Queens, NY with his clinically depressed mother Mary and sarcastic, promiscuous sister Fay. Into their mundane existence enters mysterious stranger Henry Fool, a freewheeling egomaniac and depraved faux-intellectual writer, who inspires the repressed Simon to come out of his shell by writing a book-length poem. Fool also begins an affair with Fay, and the two make love at the most awkwardly inappropriate moments. At Henry’s goading, Simon timidly peddles his manuscript to an unscrupulous publisher, setting in motion an unforeseen chain of events both tragic and hilarious.

The DVD will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with audio in stereo, but will sadly contain no extras at all.

Arriving on December 16th, the title will be priced at $24.96.

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