Columbia TriStar is So Close

Hong Kong action is alive and well in the adventure So Close the kung fu flick will come to DVD this year from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

This is the tale of two professional assassin sisters, with breathtaking skills in kung fu and high-tech weaponry, who become locked in a ruthless battle with a powerful computer mogul named Chow who thinks he can manipulate them to further his corporate needs. Fearing exposure by the equally beautiful and lethal female undercover cop Kong Yat Hong who has been tracking the sisters, Chow has the older sister killed and implicates Hong in the murder. Now the two high-kicking adversaries must put aside their differences to form an alliance and bring down the man who double-crossed them both.

The film will be available in anamorphic widescreen with audio in both Chinese and English Dolby Digital. No extras will be included.

The disc arrives on December 30th with a suggested retail price of $24.96.

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