Universal screws up yet another time!

We all know that Universal is in shambles and with the pending sale of the company it seems, people are even less inclined to do a decent job over there. For over a year now, the company has constantly been misdirected and mismanaged to the point that it is painful to watch.

What’s even more painful to watch are their screwed up releases. Most of you will still remember the ridiculous Back to the Future debacle that took the studio 3 or 4 months to rectify, and now the studio has done it again! The new Monty Python release The Meaning of Live is riddled with errors, making the disc virtually unwatchable. The transfer is defective and blurry at times making this anything but a Special Edition. It is an especially embarrassing edition. Who’s doing QA over there? Littlefoot and Cera?

I really wonder when the guys at Universal will wake up and smell the coffee. The studio has been a leader in the DVD field and has deliberately degraded itself to the back of the class. One can only hope that the pending sale of the company will include a proper cleansweep to restore the studio’s glory and fill the company with people who actually know what they are doing, and care for their work.

Until then, stay away form Universal’s releases as far as you can! There is no quality to be had there.

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