Anger Management

Anger Management

Submitted by Richard Hind

On Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s release of the Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler comedy “Anger Management, ” the studio has hidden cool Easter Eggs that are a bit tricky to find. Let us tell you how to get to them.

Insert the DVD in your player and on the Main Menu select “Audio Setup.” On the next screen press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control and the eyes of the cat will be highlighted. Now, press “enter” and you will get to se e3-minutes worth of behind-the-scenes footage, set to a music track.

Back on the Main Menu, select “Special Features” and in the following menu select “Deleted Scenes.” In the following menu press the “Up” arrow key on your remote to highlight one of the switches of the shavers. If you press “Enter” now, you will get to see a clip of Adam Sandler telling a joke.

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