Warner reveals the Mystery of the Batwoman

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is preparing to release the newest animated movie based on the animated Batman franchise Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman on DVD this October.

When a new vigilante in the guise of a Batwoman appears in Gotham City, she is so ruthless and destructive that Batman feels compelled to stop her. As he tries to uncover her secret identity, he realizes that she has targeted a criminal consortium headed by Penguin, who is trying desperately to export a cache of high tech arms out of Gotham City. By the time Batman realizes who the mysterious Batwoman is, she has been captured by Bane, whom Penguin has hired to oversee the export of arms. It’s up to Batman to save her, defeat Bane and stop the shipment of arms before it leaves Gotham Harbor.

The DVD will include the “Chase Me” original DVD-exclusive Batman short, “Behind the Mystery”, a behind-the-scenes production featurette, character bios, “Great Gadgets!” featuring the gadgets used by Batman and his enemies “Life of a Scene” describing how everything comes together to create a scene, “Batman: P.O.V.”, director, writer, producers and animators discussing favorite characters and scenes and DVD-ROM content.

The secrets will all be revealed on October 21st when the disc hits shelves with a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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